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    Start the Bubble Game

    If you reached this site you are nearly ready to play our classic Bubble Game. In the upper box you can see the Game frame it should be loaded automatically and is automatically resizing for your device size. If the Game frame is black, you need to refresh the site or restart the app completely.

    After the Game frame loaded you can see the Start screen. In the upper left corner you will see the info icon and more important the fullscreen button. Press the fullscreen button, you can identify it by the four arrows pointing in four directions. By pressing the fullscreen button the game will resize to your full device screen.

    On the top right corner, you can see the sound icon. By pressing it you can enable and disable the game sound. When it's deactivated it will show a red cross above that icon. You can then activate it by pressing it one time.

    After everything is setted up how you like it, press the "Start Game" button on the bottom of the Game frame. A prompt will show up and ask you for your nickname. Leave it blank or type one in to get listed on our highscore list.

    The Bubble Game will start immediatly

    Step 1 - Playing the Bubble Game

    Play the Bubble Game

    Now where you started Bubble Shooter by pressing the "Play" button inside the Game frame you need to select your first level. When you play the first time you only see 5 levels. Don't be sad, we have a lot more levels for you! Select the first one to get started and fire your first bubbles.

    The first game starting with a speech bubble. It explains what you have to do. It's easy and intuitive, you just need to destroy all the colored bubbles from the level by launching a bubble in a group of at least two of the same color. A bubble group of three or more of the same color will explode after you hit it with your bubble but it need to be of the same color otherway it just stucks to the other bubbles and building a new group.

    Step 2 - Playing the Bubble Game

    Save your Highscore

    By playing Bubble Shooter you can reach different Scores. If you destroy three bubbles you will get less points than if you destroy more than three bubbles with one shot. On every end of a level your score will be saved to your device, so that if you come back with the same device, your highscore is still available.

    On every start of our Bubble Game you will be asked for a Nickname, if you enter one - you can publish your highscore to our highscore toplist. The Bubble game will ask you to challenge your friends by sharing your highscore to your social media. When you've shared your highscore it will automatically be send to our highscore list.

    Step 2 - Playing the Bubble Game